Sociální spravedlnost

Two different meanings of the word “social” as employed in the term “social justice” find a systematical link in an appropriate, both emotional and rational response of social workers towards social injustice and social state. Zobrazit text

Jindrich Srajer Abstrakt: The article focuses on the content definition of the general concept of social justice and the specification of its significance for social work and social policy. It is based on Catholic social teaching by extension on the Christian social ethics, where we can also see the genesis of this concept. These grounds are supplemented by the attitudes of John Rawls and Armartya Sen. The reflection on the concrete significance of social justice for social work and social policy derives mainly from the open questions in the formulations of codes of ethics of social workers. Keywords: social justice, human dignity, human rights, socialZobrazit text

Roman Micka Abstract: This article deals with the contents of the terms justice and social justice, it presents and analyses their use, definitions and possible interpretations in the documents of the Catholic social teaching and in the wider context of the Christian social thought. The work puts the term of social justice into the context of the key principles of the Catholic social teaching and especially into the relation to the debate about the concept of human rights and their relation to the social work. Keywords: catholic social teaching, social justice, subsidiarity, human rightsZobrazit text