Philosophy and Ethics

There is no doubt that the ethical dimension is an integral part of social work’s theoretical and practical activity. The world of values impacts the everyday, seemingly ethically-neutral actions of social workers. Values perform a number of functions related to the individual social worker and professional community.Zobrazit text

The aims of the paper are to subject the ontologies of social welfare in Britain to critical scrutiny, in respect of examining political ideologies of neoliberalism and austerity; and the impact of these upon the value-driven role and remit of professional social work, which has developed as an essential arm of the post-War, British Welfare State.Zobrazit text

The authors focused on professional ethics in social work, exploring key issues (codes of ethics, dilemmas, ethical decision-making, abuse of power and regulation of conduct) in the child and youth welfare practice and child protection systems in Hungary and Germany. Zobrazit text

The paper aims to map socio-demographic indicators of long-term clients of social work in municipalities in the Vysočina Region and, in connection with this, verify whether there is a dependence between the record time length and selected socio-demographic indicators (age, sex, target group according to the prevailing social problem) for long-term clients of social work in municipalities.Zobrazit text

This study aims to address relevant factors influencing the Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) occurrences against men in Ondo State of Nigeria. Drawing the baseline from the patriarchal cultural standpoint in which social workers have a vital role in addressing these factors and profound interventions for the male victims.Zobrazit text