Informační a komunikační technologie

The text aims to empirically verify the model of key competencies, to determine the degree of subjectively perceived significance of selected competencies and to identify other competencies that community workers consider subjectively important for the performance of community work in various stages of community work. Zobrazit text

In this article, we deal with the question of situating the innovative method
of Open Dialogue in Czech social work. Our main intention is to reflect on how attempts to
implement the Open Dialogue in the Czech Republic fit into the context of social work, what
obstacles they encounter and what challenges they pose.Zobrazit text

The article seeks to answer the question: How do selected experts construct the discursive arena of the current epistemic filter concerning the technological and information acceleration of social interactions? The identified elements are reflected with regard to social phenomena in society and the possibilities of social work to respond to them. Zobrazit text