Oběti a pachatelé

Vážené čtenářky, vážení čtenáři,

když jsme v červnu 2022 oslovovali potenciální autorky a autory textů do čísla 5/2023 na téma „Oběti a pachatelé“, chtěli jsme vystoupit ze stereotypního a individualistického pojetí sociální práce.Zobrazit text

The investigatory aim of this article follows the personal accounts of sexual assault victims and their experiences with secondary victimisation. Specifically, we identified the (in)actions taken by professionals and bystanders that constitute secondary victimisation, and we analysed the victims’ introspective processes on their (in)decision to speak publicly about or report their sexual assault. Zobrazit text

The study poses the question of determining the perceived needs of bereaved women after the perinatal loss of their child(ren). This study is significant as it will draw further research into the practice for social or health-social workers, who may then be able to provide services for bereaved mothers.Zobrazit text

The aim of the article is to investigate the extent to which the interaction between clients and social workers on the micro, meso, and macro levels contributes to clients’ lack of motivation from the perspective of scholarly literature.Zobrazit text