Quality of Life and Well-Being – Tasks for Social Work?

Christian Spatscheck

Prof. Dr.Christian Spatscheck, Professor for Theories and Methods of Social Work at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Hochschule Bremen, City University of Applied Sciences. Visiting Scholar at Lund University, Visiting Professor at Pisa University. Main research interests: theories and methods of social work and social pedagogy, especially spatial and systemic approaches, youth work, social development and international social work.


Social work refers to the concept of well-being in its Global Definition. Yet social work as discipline and profession has yet to fully discover the existing concepts and empirical research on quality of life and well-being. This article aims to reflect and systematize the main developments and approaches to define quality of life and well-being. Finally, it provides first considerations of what this new knowledge base could offer to social work theory and practice.


quality of life, well-being, social work, good life, ethical aspects

p. 18 – 29