Social Representations of People with a Medical Disadvantage by Mediators-counsellors

Vlasta Janská

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PhDr. Vlasta Janská, Ph.D. studied social work at Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies, Department of Social Policy and Social Work. She is interested especially in mental health issues on the theoretical and practical level. Currently she is on maternity leave.


The aim of this paper is to answer the following question: “What social representations of people with a medical disadvantage do mediators-counsellors usually have?” The data obtained will lead to an understanding of how professionals in social work and social policy perceive people with a medical disadvantage and their employment chances. The presumption is that consultants choose their procedures based on their images of clients with a medical disadvantage. The created representations may have an influence on the form and method of how services are constructed as well as on the possibility of worker burnout. Furthermore, the social representations of the medical disadvantage may play a role in the client’s activation in the labour market.

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osoby se zdravotním postižením, sociální reprezentace, mediátoři, poradci, trh práce

s. 37–46