Survey on the Needs of the People Living in Socially Excluded Localities in Karlovy Vary Region

Josef Slowík

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PhDr. Josef Slowík, Ph.D. (Faculty of Education, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen) works in the field of special education and social work (in particular, work with people with disabilities), not only in the area of academics, but he maintains permanent contact with the practice as a lecturer, consultant and supervisor. He is the author of several books, editor of the web portal and technically involved in the implementation of several projects aimed at the social integration of disadvantaged people.


This contribution represents the results of research carried out in some socially excluded localities in the Karlovy Vary Region within the project of the Český západ (or Czech West) civic association. The goal was to survey the current needs of the inhabitants of these localities with regard to other options for social work oriented towards the social inclusion of persons living in these places. The final discussion analyses the information obtained in the context of the theoretical aspects of social exclusion and compares the views of different authors.

Klíčová slova:

sociální vyloučení, Romové, sociálně vyloučené lokality

s. 47–52