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5/2020 – Síťování v sociální práci

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We are introducing a new volume of Czech and Slovak Social Work Journal, which we could simply call “colourful”.

30. 8. 2023

Components of the Context Fostering a Transformative Learning in the Course of Social Work Education. The case of a Socially Engaged Research

As transformative learning (TL) is today considered an important component of social work education and practice (e.g., Dempsey, Halton, Murphy, 2001), the article seeks the possibilities of TL incorporation in the social work curriculum. The author argues that individual projects of socially engaged qualitative research could be considered as one of them and reconstructs the components of this research that fostered a researcher’s fundamental cognitive transformation.

30. 8. 2023 advocacy, critical reflection, empowerment, epistemological participation, social work education, socially engaged research, transformative learning (TL)

Group Art Therapy as a Tool of Increasing Professional Competences

The article aims at introducing group art therapy as a form of improving professional competences of social workers, as well as a means of verification of the effectiveness the group-arttherapy programme on the improvement of professional competences.

30. 8. 2023 competences, group art therapy, quasi-experiment, social work

Community Building and Co-production: The Face Mask Sewing Initiative at the Dawn of COVID-19

This study reacts to people’s co-productive grassroots community problemsolving in reaction to complications caused by COVID-19 and related restrictions.

30. 8. 2023 co-creation, co-production, community building, COVID-19, face mask

Majority Population Attitudes towards the Roma Minority as a Specific Component of the Group-Focused Enmity Syndrome in the Slovak Republic

The study is dedicated to the analysis of societal attitudes towards the Roma minority in Slovakia, representing inter-ethnic conflict between the majority population and the 2nd biggest minority in Slovakia.

30. 8. 2023 attitudes, majority, prejudices, Roma ethnic groups, Romaphobia, society

The Local Government’s Approach to the Integration of Foreigners in the Czech Republic

The aim of this article is to analyse the readiness of local governments in the Czech Republic to implement their own integration policies.

30. 8. 2023 foreigners, integration, integration policy, local dimension, municipalities

Czechoslovak Social Security Scheme in Connection with Association Activity in Ostrava in the 1950s and 1960s

The aim of the paper is to analyse the activities of the Department of Social Security and Workforce Councils of the North Moravian Regional National Committee of Ostrava in the 1950s and 1960s in connection with “association” activities dedicated to social work.

30. 8. 2023 association activity, historical research, social security

Critical Eco Practice: How Should It Develop in Social Work Practice Thinking?

This paper reviews the practice implications of texts proposing an eco or green social work. While these developments reject social work’s historic emphasis on the social environment and ecological systems practice, eco practice theory has not achieved significant influence on social work practice and theory.

30. 8. 2023 climate change, critical theory, deep ecology, disasters, eco practice, ecological systems practice, green practice, social environment, sustainability