Accelerators and Barriers to Integration into Permanent Housing for Mothers Living in Asylum Houses

Kateřina Glumbíková

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Kateřina Glumbíková is an internal PhD student at the Faculty of Social Studies, University of Ostrava. In her dissertation she addresses the topic of reintegration of single mothers living in asylum houses. She is also a scholarship holder of the city of Ostrava.


The article focuses on barriers and accelerators of the integration process of mothers living in asylum houses into permanent housing. As a part of a participatory research approach in qualitative research, several categories of the occurrence of accelerators and barriers have been identified. The categories are as follows: social relationships, boyfriend, children, crime, money, housing, asylum house, domestic violence, addiction and self-confidence. The accelerators and barriers in these categories were compared with communication partners changing stays in asylum houses and communication partners leaving an asylum house.

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asylum house, shelter, integration, homelessness, barriers, accelerators, single mothers

s. 40–49