Specific Techniques of Exploring Spirituality as a Part of Holistic Social Work

Eva Křížová

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Dr. Eva Křížová is a sociologist in health and social care. She teaches sociology and research methodology to social workers at the Protestant Theological Faculty of the Charles University in Prague programme Pastoral and Social Work and Diaconia.


The article deals with spirituality and religiousness in social work and presents techniques, which serve to explore it in the client-centred approach. Spirituality and/or religiousness are presented as important dimensions of human life and as such can be a part of holistic social work, even in secular or post-secular societies. Especially in personal crises existential issues urge us to pay attention and explain. Broadly perceived spirituality can be resilience, support or recovery resource and can enhance the human understanding between the client and service provider. Three conditions are necessary when dealing with spirituality: the social worker has learnt his/her own spirituality/religiousness, he/she avoids assessing or changing clients values and it is the client’s wish and autonomous decision to involve spirituality/religiousness in the social work as a potential improvement to his/her situation. Main stress is laid on qualitative verbal and nonverbal-creative techniques.

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spirituality, religiousness, holistic approach, social work, qualitative techniques, creative techniques

s. 50–56