ERIS Journal – Winter 2019

28.2.2019 Mariusz Granosik recenzovaný článek

In recent years we have seen major changes in the political landscape of Europe. Populist, nationalistic and separatist voices are being strengthened in many countries.Zobrazit text

28.2.2019 Alice Reissová, Marta Žambochová, Markéta Vlčková recenzovaný článek

The submitted paper focuses on fundraising as one of the funding options
for non-profit organisations and aims to explore whether there are any local differences in the
willingness of individual donors to give donations, which donor methods they prefer and what
the socio-demographic characteristics of a typical donor are.Zobrazit text

28.2.2019 Iveta Bendulová, Beáta Balogová recenzovaný článek

The objective of the quantitative research was to find out how and to what
extent minors are engaged in the court proceedings regarding their upbringing and maintenance,
and whether the court takes their views into account when it comes to decision-making.Zobrazit text