ERIS Journal – Summer 2019

What are the current challenges that confront social workers in heterogenic societies and how can the evolving theories of social justice and human rights contribute to the development of knowledge for practical application within social work?Zobrazit text

The paper focusses on gender-based violence and child protection social work practices. Despite its high prevalence, gender-based-violence is often treated as marginal in child protection social services. The purpose of this article is to discuss possible forward-looking methods and techniques for child protection social work with survivors of gender-based violence.Zobrazit text

The submitted paper focuses on the energy transition and its social and economic effects on vulnerable groups. It raws on an empirical study on behalf of the Swiss Federal Housing Office. This contribution insists on the necessity to overcome he gap between energy policy, social policy, and housing policy.Zobrazit text

Social Work as a Human Rights Profession aims at providing a basis and rationale for ethical dilemmas in professional Social Work. The paper aims at demonstrating how to translate theory into practice by exploring the challenges it poses in situations of deportation referring to examples from the German context of discussion.that human rights and moral arguments are applicable to cases of impending deportations thereby putting forward good reasons for professionals to take clear position, be present in situations of deportation, and promote further discourse on asylum politics. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: Social Work education has to elaborate further, how to work with human rights based approach. Case
tudies provide an adequate method to develop a more distinct and
decisive perspective within the framework of Social Work as a Human Rights Profession.Zobrazit text

Although Participatory Action Research (PAR) approaches are currently used in many studies, methodological reflection and even handbooks have not yet progressed as extensively. Above all, there is a lack of specific discussion for the field of social work, because special challenges have to be overcome here. It is not easy to edit a collected international monograph about Participatory Social Work, because research and social work “practise” is defined very differently in different countries.Zobrazit text